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Work With Us

All opportunities start with in house due diligence. We will not work a chain of brokers – daisy chain. You will need to be in direct communication with your end buyer or seller (principle) and be willing to go through the due diligence and KYC steps. There are no exceptions in our due diligence steps.


We have no issues working with a broker, we will only sign a proper ICC publication 769E (ICC Model Contract). Vernon will sign every NCND with each individual and company that claims to be direct with the principle of the company. You will need to provide detailed information about your company, corporate profile, registered office address, website, work phone numbers to start the process. Gmail, Hotmail and yahoo accounts will be deleted.

Do not ask for past performance documents, the non-disclosure clause protects the Sales and purchase agreements and we do discourage forwarding documents to any other prospects or clients.


It is our company’s responsibility to perform all of our and due-diligence and homework before forwarding anything to our principals.


We also would expect, that you also do your due diligence before forwarding any document or inquiry to us.

We will work with others if:

  1. You are in communication with the end buyer/seller.

  2. You are knowledgeable about the commodity.

  3. You have done proper due diligence.

  4. You are open to exchange the principle’s details.

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