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♻Plastic LDPE 4- HDPE 2 & Cardboard Waste Products♻.

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We buy EXW and take care of trucking, ocean freight, documentation and sell CFR/CIF however we can also sell FCA (delivered to the port of loading or the terminal)


We trade recycled plastic waste LDPE #4 and HDPE #2. OCC(corrugated) cardboard grade OCC 11 and OCC 12  scrap waste.

We have local vendors who provide us with these, and the sources are from different angles of the nation, such as big-box companies, recycling plants, paper manufacturing companies, wholesalers, warehouses, and distributor shops.

 Products We Source & Trade.
Recycled Plastics  #4 LDPE, #2 HDPE & Cardboard Waste OCC 11, OCC12, Paper Waste,# 9 OINP, BBC & Phone Books.

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