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We specialize in trading CBU, SKD & CKD self-propelled passenger vehicles, heavy-duty forklifts for warehouse, and commercial jobs.

We buy through auctions, dealers, and distributors and take care of loading, export compliance, documentation, and shipping. 

Who we are 

Vernon Global is a privately held company headquartered in the US, we are active in international trading in used automobiles, forklifts, agriculture machinery and heavy-duty machinery.

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Who we are

What we do

Vernon Global services principal parties in the international trade space (export-import) & brokers around the world. We take care of financial/banking & shipping documents like Letters of credit (LC), Bills of lading (BL), Export Declarations (AES, CERS, etc.), and Certificates of origin.

What we do
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Corporate Profile

Vernon Global Corporation is a privately-held company active in international trade, shipping & logistics & commodities with our corporate headquarters in the United States.

We take pride in being one of the very few companies where our clients can rely on our corporate strategies, extensive due diligence, and second-to-none customer service.

As an international trade company, we tackle export-import, trading, brokering, financial/banking & shipping documents like Bills of lading (BL), Letters of credit (LC), Export Declarations (CERS, AES etc), Certificates of origin etc.

Vernon Global can provide discrete services under legal agreements.

Corporate Profile

We also work with selected brokers and facilitators; please note that we have extensive due diligence in place. Please read our Prospect Advice before contacting us.



All opportunities start with in-house due diligence. We will not work with a chain of brokers. You will need to communicate directly with your end buyer or seller (principles) and be willing to go through the due diligence and KYC steps. There are no exceptions in our due diligence steps. 


We have no issues working with a broker; we will only sign a proper ICC publication 769E (ICC Model Contract). Vernon will sign every NCND with each individual and company that claims to be direct with the company's principle. You will need to provide detailed information about your company, corporate profile, registered office address, website, and work phone numbers to start the process. We delete all emails from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo. 


We do not provide past performance documents, the non-disclosure clause protects the Sales and purchases agreements, and we discourage forwarding documents to other prospects or clients. 


Our responsibility is to perform all due diligence and homework before forwarding anything to our principals.


We would also expect you to do your due diligence before forwarding any document or inquiry to us.


We will work with others if:

  1. You are in communication with the end buyer/seller.

  2. You are knowledgeable about the commodity.

  3. You have done proper due diligence. 

  4. You are open to exchanging the principal's details.

Working with facilitators

Working with facilitators

Company Responsibility

Vernon Global Corporation is a privately-held company active in international trade, shipping & logistics & commodities, with our corporate headquarters in the United States.​

Our clients can rely on our extensive due diligence and second-to-none customer service.

As an international trade company, we take pride and honesty in our obligations to hold up our commitments to our business relationships.

​Vernon Global can provide discrete services under legal agreements.

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There are many different versions of forklifts. If you need to move heavy loads in a warehouse or a construction field. Forklifts can safely lift and move objects making them valuable on any job site.

Side Loader: Electric forklifts that quickly move long or bulky material provide high stacking capability & improve space utilization. Used in steel service centers and manufacturing facilities.

Counterbalance forklift: 3 wheel variant and stand-up popular.

Telehandler forklift: Telescopic forklift or a reach forklift. Extendable arm making it a combination of a crane and forklift.

Industrial forklift: Also called a large capacity forklift—combines the functionalities of a warehouse forklift with that of a telehandler, narrow in scope compared to the telehandler and warehouse forklift.

Rough terrain forklift: Also known as a straight mast forklift, the rough terrain forklift is designed specifically for outdoor job sites, especially on uneven surfaces. These truck have sturdy pneumatic tires that help them navigate rocky ground.


Walkie Stacker: Material handling vehicles, the worker walks behind the stacker and is steered by using an attached handle. The units lack power and speed, they are ideal for situations needed for a taller pallet jack.

Order Picker: A subtype of the walkie stacker is widely used to pick up and deliver material from storage. Used for warehouse and storage facilities and can pick up one or two units rather than unloading full pallets and loads.

Reach Fork Truck: A warehouse truck is mainly used for indoor work. Reach fork truck's top ability is that it can extend its forks beyond the compartment and reach into warehouse racks that standard forklifts cannot. Great for indoor use, reach trucks are not suited for outdoor work due to their under-carriage clearance.


Types of forklifts

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