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We buy EXW and take care of trucking, ocean freight, documentation and sell CFR/CIF however we can also sell FCA (delivered to the port of loading or the terminal)

We buy all used autos and used forklifts through auctions, dealers, and distributors and take care of loading, export compliance, documentation, and shipping. 

We supply CBU (Completely Built Unit) CKD (Completely knocked down) SKD (Semi-Knocked down) buyers and DKD (Disassembled Knocked-Down). 



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There are many different versions of forklifts, and used forklifts are what we supply and trade. For example, suppose you need to move heavy loads in a warehouse or a construction field. Forklifts can safely lift and carry objects, making them valuable on any job site.


Side Loader: Electric forklifts that quickly move long or bulky material provide high stacking capability & improve space utilization. Used in steel service centers and manufacturing facilities.


Counter balance forklift: 3 wheel variant and stand-up popular. Most common forklift heavy weight on the back that off-sets the weight of carried load.


Teller Handler: It is used to sort through the various materials and is excellent for moving large loads of waste materials to different locations. Telehandlers are great for earthwork operations, which means they can move large amounts of earth. Multipurpose machines that lift, move and place material. It is a multipurpose

machine that accepts different attachments to lift, move and place materials ranging from bricks and gravel to lumber.


Industrial forklift: Also called a large capacity forklift—combines the functionalities of a warehouse forklift with that of a telehandler, narrow in scope compared to the telehandler and warehouse forklift.


Rough terrain forklift: Also known as a straight mast forklift, the rough terrain forklift is designed specifically for outdoor job sites, especially on uneven surfaces. These trucks have sturdy pneumatic tires that help them navigate rocky ground.


Walkie Stacker: Material handling vehicles, the worker walks behind the stacker and is steered by using an attached handle. The units lack power and speed, they are ideal for situations needed for a taller pallet jack.

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Order Picker: A subtype of the walkie stacker is widely used to pick up and deliver material from storage. Used for warehouse and storage facilities and can pick up one or two units rather than unloading full pallets and loads.

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Reach Fork Truck: A warehouse truck is mainly used for indoor work. Reach fork truck's top ability is that it can extend its forks beyond the compartment and reach into warehouse racks that standard forklifts cannot. Great for indoor use, reach trucks are not suited for outdoor work due to their under-carriage clearance.

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