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We specialize in trading recycled plastic waste LPDE, LLDPE, and HDPE. OCC11, and OCC12 scrap waste. We have local vendors who provide us with these, and the sources are from different angles of the nation, such as big-box companies, recycling plants, paper manufacturers, wholesalers, warehouses, and distributor shops.

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Who we are

Vernon Global is a privately held company headquartered in the US. We are active in international trading and consulting in recycled commodities such as recycled plastic waste and cardboard and paper waste. ♻

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Corporate Profile

We can take care of inspecting, loading, exporting, and documentation any commodities to any country in the world (as per US export compliance): As an international trade company, we tackle export-import, trading, brokering, financial/banking & shipping documents like Bills of lading (BL), Letters of credit (LC), Export Declarations (CERS, AES, etc), Certificates of origin, etc. 


Vernon Global Corporation is a privately-held company active in international trade, shipping & logistics & commodities, with our corporate headquarters in the United States.​ Our clients can rely on our extensive due diligence and second-to-none customer service. As an international trade company, we take pride and honesty in our obligations to hold up our commitments to our business relationships.​ Vernon Global can provide discrete services under legal agreements.

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